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Nibirans explained asteroids as pieces of Earth knocked into Place when, four billion several years ago, a moon of Nibiru struck Tiamat. “Particles from the decreased half of Tiamat stretched into House. Sumerian texts as well as biblical version thereof” said the asteroid belt, a bracelet of debris, orbited the Sunlight in between Jupiter and Mars, “but our astronomers weren't aware about that” until finally in 1801 Piazzi observed the first asteroid, Ceres. “It’s taken modern day astronomy hundreds of years to understand what Sumerians understood 6,000 a long time in the past. [

3.four billion many years in the past, “clays acted as chemical laboratories exactly where inorganic materials have been processed into more intricate molecules. Inorganic proto-organisms in the clay acted being a template from which living organisms [1- celled microscopic algae like these days’s blue-green algae] developed. Defects in the clays acted as internet sites the place saved Electrical power and chemical directions to the development of proto-organisms produced.” Inexperienced algae’s “the precursor of chlorophyllic vegetation that use sunlight to transform their nutrients to natural and organic compounds, emitting oxygen in the procedure soon after algae unfold upon dry land.

Michael will now share some particular correspondence in between this group which was spoken of during UFO Hunters, and himself. I'll existing it in Michaels individual terms (as a consequence of that his Tale was presented to me by using e mail, where by we all sometimes don’t trouble with spell and grammar check, I've modified this on some events in Michael’s correspondence for the reader’s comfort.

too has only three walls, some twelve feet tall. The western wall is built of just two giant stone blocks held with each other by a T-formed stone.”

Freer lists our distinctions from other humans on this planet prior to Enki, et. al. produced us modern day Earthlings: “we have foreheads, barely any brow ridges, eye sockets a lot more rectangular than spherical; relatively little nasal passages; small flat mouths in addition to a chin; much less muscular strength and bone density; our pores and skin, sweat approach and glands, body hair, throats, and builders durban salt administration are Learn More Here fully different.

The a few main structures rose from terraces that elevated them and leaned them against forty-foot substantial outer western wall that ran five hundred ft and encompassed the complex on three sides and still left the site open on the river around the east aspect.

“The folks from the land with the evil storms hand were clutched. Those who powering locked doors hid within their houses like flies ended up felled. Those who during the streets fled, during the streets were their corpses piled up. All the things that lived perished.”

The male Anunnaki leader King followed Michael out, and Michael considered, “screw it”, Allow his curiosity acquire overhand and took an opportunity to sneak a peak at Marduk’s deal with. First off, he noticed Marduk was donning a glowing, white-hooded robe and his face wasn't human.

Chichen Itza by 450BC, “the principle sacred city of Yucatan,” boasted a sacred perfectly. The Itzas, migrants from the south, created their ceremonial center–the great central pyramid and also the observatory–near where by Thoth first came ashore in Yucatan.

! The male seemed actually shocked and requested who brought this individual to him? Apparently, he also started out throwing out some threats to Michael and Bushman.

“These cosmo-telluric lines” let the Anunnaki, other ETs in the world and our ancestors “gather a complete body of knowledge.” Hardy contends we are able look at more info to, at these internet sites, “trigger a change to some heightened and more spiritual state of consciousness.

“Granite Utilized in The nice Pyramid presents off a substantial electromagnetic charge, has twenty five% quartz and it has the chance to greatly enhance sound. The magnitite from the granite is a pure magnet that makes around it a magnetic area. The Giza pyramids’ core contains pink granite, Probably the most conductive rocks on the planet due to its large contents of quartz, iron, and magnitite.

In 329 BCE, Alexander married captive princess Roxanne. He purchased people today to bow to him for a god. He designed a tremendous harem of gorgeous Ladies and appreciated a whole new 1 Each and every night time. He killed his historian for criticizing his hedonism, his “Persianization.”

A large spider gylph depicts the constellation Orion, the extension the spider’s leg about the viewer’s proper, locates the star Sirius. The glyphs and also the mandalas shaped because of the structure of Anunnaki structures may perhaps have already been signs for off-worlder viewers.

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